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It can feel overwhelming to navigate the medical world when you need specialty pharmacy medications to treat a complex or chronic health condition. The stakes can feel even higher when you are helping a family member get treatment. That’s why SimfaRose Specialty Pharmacy makes this process as easy as possible. We want to lighten your load at this tough time; making sure you and your family get back on a path to health and healing.

Our team of pharmacists, nurses, and technicians are on your side. We are here to explain your disease and help you understand what you’ll be facing during the treatment process. You’ll always get to talk one-on-one with a Doctor of Pharmacy. And we’ll keep checking on you regularly while you’re our patient.

Here’s how SimfaRose can help you:

  • Help you better understand your co-pay and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Provide information about Financial Assistance.
  • Assistance with benefits verification.
  • 24/7 access to our pharmacists.
  • An initial consultation with a Doctor of Pharmacy when you start therapy to educate you about the medication protocol and provide a detailed explanation of the plan of care.
  • If the therapy involves injected medications, we can arrange hands-on injection training with a nurse, either in your home or in a group setting, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident administering your own medication injections.
  • A dose reminder system using texts, e-mail, or phone calls is available.
  • Our commitment to ethical treatment and a higher standard of care for you and your family member.

Patients Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the pharmacy?
Phone numbers for your neighborhood SimfaRose Pharmacy are available on our Contact page.
What are the pharmacy hours?
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
On-Call pharmacist available 24/7 at 888-797-4632.
How do I order a refill?

One week prior to running out of your medication, you’ll receive a call from one of our Patient Care Coordinators to help refill your prescription. They will try to contact you using all the phone numbers you’re provided.

If you haven’t received a call from us, you or an authorized representative may call us directly to place your refill order. You can also request a refill by clicking on the green Express Rx Refills button located at the top of our web site.

Will my refills be automatically sent to me?
No. A Patient Care Coordinator will need to speak with you or an authorized representative each month and ask you a short series of questions for the Pharmacist to review. During this call you will confirm the day you would like to receive your medication. SimfaRose can deliver your order to your home, office, or another designated location.
How can I track my shipment?

If you provide us with your current email, we can send you a shipment tracking number. Or contact your neighborhood SimfaRose Pharmacy for shipping inquiries.

Do I need to be home to sign for my delivery?
You, or responsible party 18 years or older, must sign for your package. Proof of delivery is required by your insurance.
How do I pay for my medication?

We accept most HMO/Workers Compensation/Private Insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Every plan is different so before we fill your prescription we will ask you for your insurance information. Once we verify your information, we will notify you of your co-pay or the amount that you are responsible for. Your co-pay or coinsurance is due each time you fill and refill your medication. SimfaRose accepts all major credit cards as well as electronic checks.

Because compounded medications are exempt by law from having the National Drug Code ID numbers that manufactured products carry, some insurance companies will not directly reimburse the compounding pharmacy. However, most insurance plans allow for the patient to be reimbursed by sending in claims forms. While you may be paying a pharmacy directly for a compounded prescription, most insurance plans should cover the final cost.

Who delivers my medications?
Deliveries can be sent via personal carrier, FedEx, or USPS.
What do I need to do if my insurance changes?
If you receive any notification that your insurance has changed, been updated, or you receive a new ID card; please call SimfaRose as soon as possible to provide the new information to one of our Patient Care Coordinators. SimfaRose will verify the new information and update your account.
What do I do if I have a loss of medication? Example: if an injection doesn’t work properly.
Please contact your neighborhood SimfaRose pharmacist directly to let us know about the problem. Many medications can be replaced through the manufacturer. After speaking with you, we can assess your individual situation for the best resolution.
What do I do if I have a complaint?
Please contact Dr. Charles Bonanno at 888-797-4632.