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We understand how some patients would require multiple medications to relieve their pain, treat an illness, and manage a condition. The prescription of more than one medicine is beneficial to help them better cope with a disease, and to continue living a dignified, comfortable, and productive life.

But multiple medications can also have adverse effects when left un-managed. In fact, there could be more negative effects that can be caused by drug misuse than the positive ones. There are many factors that can lead to mismanagement. It could be one or more of the following:

  • medication handling by multiple providers;
  • change in physician;
  • failure of medication providers to stop prescribing medication that are meant for a limited time;
  • continual use of a medicine with questionable efficacy;
  • patient’s non-compliance leading to worsening of condition and adding one more medication to the already-long list.

With patient medication profile review, physicians and pharmacists would have a clear and updated record of the patient’s current medication list. This service enables better tracking and maintaining of needed medications which are still beneficial, and the taking-out of those which are no longer of use to him. With this, any unnecessary additions can be avoided, and anything that is no longer necessary can be taken out to decrease the chances of substance abuse and to save on money used on medication.

Simfarose Pharmaceutical Specialty is here to help you better manage your medication so you can be in better control of your health. Call us today if you are a patient, a loved one, or a care provider.